I’m very excited to share this guest blog post with you, because it was written by my mother. I always knew my mom was intelligent, but I didn’t know she had a way with words. Reading this post for the first time was eye-opening, not just because I discovered my mom’s hidden talent, but also because of the content. Thanks for the reminder, mom.

Why not ask your mom?

Let me start by sharing that I have two beautiful daughters, totally different from each other. The oldest my more independent daughter, with two beautiful daughters of her own. She is very capable and rarely asks for my advice about anything having to do with her daughters. If I am to be honest, this does at times hurt my feelings…a lot.

And while I admit that, I must also admit that I was that way at her age as well. I felt that I could take care of my own children without anyone, not even my mom, telling me what I needed to or did not need to do. What’s that old saying? Karma will always come back to bite you.

This is not to say that my other daughter isn’t also independent, because she is; but when it comes to her own daughter, she asks my opinion all the time and I love it. It makes me feel more involved in her and my granddaughter’s life. Sometimes I feel like she is asking just to involve me, and then turns around and does what she wants anyway, but I don’t care. I just like feeling like I am involved.

Mom Knows Best

I know this new sight my daughter has started is all about new and young moms, but as I read through I realized that these “younger” moms need some of our “older” mom experience.

Why not ask your mom?The experience we have of being in the middle of both having a mom and having children who are moms should be a knowledge these new moms use to their advantage. They should remember they have a real live, breathing point of reference.

Sometimes, I feel that they forget this and depend only on books to answer their questions, or other new moms with no experience to give them advice. I think it’s time they are reminded that we, as their mothers, are here to help with advice, experience, and the added benefit of a whole lot of love for both them and our grandchildren.

A Mom’s Job Never Ends

One thing they absolutely have right is that you never stop being a mom, even when you reach my much more experienced age.

I don’t know who of us still doesn’t worry about our own children. The same worries we had when they were younger, with a few tweaks for age, are the worries we have for them as adults. If they go on vacation, we worry about them. If they are sick, we worry about them. If they make a big purchase, like a car or house, we worry about them.

Then when they have kids of their own, we worry about them during their pregnancy; we worry about them when they go into labor. We worry about who is going to watch/babysit the kids; we worry about the house being baby proofed. Basically we come full circle again with our grandchildren, when it comes to worrying. We worry about all the things we worried about when they were babies and toddlers, and therefore have some experience they could draw from…if they would ask.

So, new moms, ask us “older” moms for advice or our opinion now and again; we might surprise you with something you might find useful and even helpful. We just want to feel like you still need us, because we never stop being a mom.

Juanita is a mother to three, and grandmother to three. She is a paralegal by day, and craft ninja by night. In her free time she enjoys reading, knitting, and spending time with her family.