I’m a huge advocate of self-care, and think it should be a daily requirement for every living soul. When you’re a mom, juggling soccer games, parent-teacher conferences, and a 9 to 5, self-care often falls by the wayside. I’m not afraid to admit that I’ve put off my fair share of showers just so that I could clean the house. Don’t pretend to be grossed out; we all know you’re guilty of skipping a few showers, too.

Prioritizing Self-Care

All joking aside, skipping out on the most basic of self care acts is not only unhygienic in this case, but it’s also damaging to your overall wellbeing. When you take care of yourself, whatever that looks like to you, you feel better. When you feel better, you’re happier and healthier. I know that when I feel good, I’m a much better partner to my husband and mother to my daughter.

While I have been known to burn the midnight oil (it’s 1:30am as I’m writing this) and go for months without a visit to the nail salon, I do make an effort to practice daily self-care. I will say, some days I fail and I take horrible care of myself due to a work emergency or a teething baby. Even so, prioritizing myself is a frequent part of my routine. My struggle comes with mixing it up. Enter the 30 Day Self-Care Checklist.

30 Day Self-Care Checklist

I’m a checklist freak. Not only do I get great satisfaction from being able to cross things off my list, but checklists also keep me organized and accountable. Our FREE 30 Day Self-Care Checklist is the perfect way to ensure you are prioritizing self-care on a regular basis.

30 day selfcare checklistPrioritizing yourself doesn’t have to be elaborate, time-consuming, or expensive. It can be anything from taking a nap to carving out some time to read that new book that’s collecting dust on your nightstand. It can be a simple as applying a face mask or taking the dog for a walk. On those days you want to try something new, get creative with a craft project or cook a dish you’ve never cooked before. That’s the great part, an act of self prioritizing can be just about anything as long as it’s something you’re doing for yourself.

So, what are you waiting for?! Get our FREE 30 Day Self-Care Checklist and start treating yo’self today!

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